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>> john: finally tonight, there has been a lot of speculation as to what exactly caused that half hour blackout at sunday's super bowl? was a glitch old
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infrastructure or something else? >> apparently terry bradshaw was down there. he was playing beer pong. show the security camera footage. [ laughter ] mystery solved. that's it for "special report" tonight. i'm john roberts. thanks for joining us. good night from washington. "the fox report" with shepard smith is next. >> shepard: this is the fox report. tonight, droning americans. the once secret government documents that lays out when it is okay for the u.s. government to kill american citizens. plus, a woman accusing an ex-boyfriend in a last-ditch effort to win over the jury admits she did it. >> did you kill travis alexander?
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>> yes, i did. >> shepard: stabbed him, shot him, slashed his throat, she admits it all but she says she had a very good reason. plus, world class skier lindsey vaughn badly hurt in a big crash, air lifted right off the mountain. now, questions about whether organizers should have ever allowed this race to go forward. and, the whale that picked a bad spot to surface. >> oh my -- >> shepard: coming up, close encounter in a canoe. but first from fox this tuesday night, stories of sex, lies and the lover's bloody death. tonight, the defendant in a high profile murder trial in phoenix again testified in her own defense. her name is jody areas. she admits now she killed her ex-boyfriend stabbed him and slashed him over and over, shot him in the head and for good measure cut his throat from ear to ear. that was all back in 2008.
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prosecutors say she did it because she was jealous he was planning a trip with another woman. but she claims it was self-defense. and when she first unexpectedly took the stand yesterday, she explained why she once said no jury will ever convict me. >> i made that statement in september 2008, i believe it was. and at the time i had plans to commit suicide. i was very confident that no jury would convict me because i planned to be dead. >> shepard: you may have noticed the defendant has changed her appearance quite a bit since the time of the crime. back then, when this happened, photos show she was a blonde bombshell to hear it from many. now the confessed killer is a demuir brunette with glasses. perhaps a little image work there for the jury. but will it help save her life? this is a capital murder case. and if jurors don't buy her story, she could wind up on death row. adam housley has been monitoring the trial. why did the lawyers let her
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testify? >> well, shepard, that's a question a lot of people in the legal community are asking. it may just be a legal hail mary that the defense team thought things weren't going their way with the jury. they watched the jury closely as a lot of these details come out. one of the problems that the defense has been having has been the ability for the prosecution to show there are a number of different stories and excuses given by the defendant over the course of this trial about why she killed her boyfriend. now, why she allegedly killed her boyfriend i should say. that has really made the defense team come to the point where they put her on the stand and are allowing her to basically lay out her life in front of this jury instance by instance in some cases, shepard, too graphic for television. >> shepard: talking about a lot of abuse in her life and the mother just sitting over there not even looking at her. when is the prosecution going to get its turn? >> everybody is waiting for that to happen. they thought it would happen this afternoon, but, again, the defense team going through this very methodically, very slowly, every detail, every boyfriend. they are now to travis the
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travis is the one killed allegedly by her in 2008. they are at the point in their relationship where it's starting to become more serious. the expectation tomorrow, shepard, cross-examination will finally begin and that is what everybody is waiting for to see how she answers some of these questions and all these different stories that she has given over the course of this trial. >> adam housley live for us. we are getting a look at a once secret government document that spells out the legal arguments for droning u.s. citizens in foreign countries. killing americans without allowing them legal counsel, without taking them to court, without even charging them with a single crime. according to the justice department memo, it is perfectly legal for top u.s. officials to order a drone strike to kill you if they believe you are a senior operational terror leader and it would be too dangerous to try to capture you and you are an imminent threat to other americans even if you are not currently plotting an attack. but were recently involved in threatening activities. if they believed this, not if they can prove it in a court
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of law. but if they can believe it, they can kill you. critics claim that redefines the word imminent. nbc first published this memo and the white house is standing by it. >> what you have in general, with al qaeda, leadership is, a continuing process of plotting against the united states and american citizens. plotting attacks against the united states and american citizens. i think that's fairly irrefutable. what you also have is the authorization for the use of military force by congress. >> shepard: the personal civil liberties union calls the document profoundly disturbing, quote, it's hard to believe that it was produced in a democracy built on a system of checks and balances. catherine herridge live in d.c. tonight. catherine, senators from each political party now demanding more droning documents, right? >> that's right, shep. this letter is the most forceful warning to date that lawmakers may stall or even block mr. obama's nominee to run the cia. white house counter terrorism advisor john brennan unless the senators get good cooperation from the
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administration like providing the secret legal memos, quote: congress and the public can decide whether the president's power to deliberately kill american citizens is subject to appropriate limitations and safeguards. republican senator susan collins who signed a letter telling fox late today the refusal to release the secret memos is hypocritical. >> obama administration that released all of these opinions from the office of legal counsel about the bush administration's treatment of detainees. so, why the different standards? >> brennan is expected to be pressed thursday not only on the targeted killing program but the cia interrogation program. critics call torture and whether he was or knows the source of these national security leaks to the media shep. >> shepard: you mentioned critics, catherine, many of them are saying the president isn't really living up to his own promises. >> they point to the president's national security speech archives just six months into his first term. >> whenever we cannot release certain information to the
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public for valid national security reasons, i will insist that there is oversight of my actions. by congress or by the courts. >> the attorney general arguing today the administration's legal review that justified the targeted killing of american the cleric anwar al awlaki an alleged leader in yemen met the legal standards. >> our primary concern is to keep the american people safe. but to do so, in a way that's consistent with our laws, and consistent with our values. >> the aclu also telling fox today that the targeted killing campaign is unamerican and it effectively blows up what america has stood for, this system of checks and balances, shep. >> shepard: catherine herridge in d.c. tonight. the feds say they have busted what they call one of the most extensive credit card fraud schemes ever. their laundry list of accusations includes thousands of phony identities, dozens of fake companies and hundreds of millions of dollars in cash.
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prosecutors say the suspects started credit card accounts for people who don't even exist. then sent false papers to boost their credit scores. and once they secured the big loans, they never repaid them. according to investigators, the suspects spent the money on electronics, on spa treatments and millions of dollars in gold. in a fraud ring that spread across 28 states and 8 countries. and one special agent called it a virtual cafeteria of sophisticated frauds and schemes whose main menu items were greed and deceit. the lead attorney on this says the suspects triggered higher interest race for fees for everybody to account for the money that got sucked out of the system. during one raid, investigators say they found tens of thousands of dollars stashed inside an oven. at least three of the 18 suspects have pleaded guilty. as the people of lower alabama celebrate the rescue of that 5-year-old boy held hostage for nearly a week, we're learning new and striking details about the daring
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operation used to free him, including how the federal agents prank tied -- practiced their intricate rescue plans inside a bunker that they made. brand new pictures from the scene of the crime. plus, olympic gold medal skier lindsey vaughn taking a bad fall, ripping ligaments and breaking a bone. now word on whether we should expect her back for next year's winter games. that's all ahead from the journalists of fox news on this tuesday fox report. at a dry cleaner, we replaced people with a machine. what? customers didn't like it. so why do banks do it? hello? hello?! if your bank doesn't let you talk to a real person 24/7, you need an ally. hello? ally bank. your money needs an ally.
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actually, we invented that. it's like a sauna in here. helping you save, even if it's not with us -- now, that's progressive! call or click today. no mas pantalones! >> shepard: a mock bunker, high team camera helped teens take down accused killer who had been holding a boy hostage in alabama. tonight, first closeup look at the scene where it all happened. witnesses say jimmy lee dykes grabbed that 5-year-old boy off a school bus last week, shot the driver dead and took him away. took the child to an underground bunker on his property and he had been holding him here there while negotiators were working with
4:14 pm
him. a just released image from the fbi shows that underground bunker with a tent covering it to protect any evidence inside. officials tell us during the standoff somehow they won't tell us how, but somehow they got a camera into the bunker to monitor dykes. they say they were getting worried about the child's safety. they also now confirm teams trained on a mock bunker, one they built very near the site before they raided the real thing yesterday. now, the suspect, of course, is dead. the child is safe. just hours before his 6th birthday. >> he is doing fine. he is laughing, joking, playing, eating, the things that you would expect a normal 5 to-year-old young man to do. >> the boy's grandmother says she doesn't know if he will ever get over the ordeal of the last week. jonathan serrie with the news. he is live again tonight in dale county, alabama. they said all during this we are doing everything humanly possible and today it's
4:15 pm
unbelievable all they were doing behind the scenes, jonathan. >> yeah, it's truly amazing. i want to show you another one of those still photos just released by the fbi. it shows the pvc ventilation pipe therapy using to communicate with dykes. they also communicated with a cell phone. still unclear whether he was killed by law enforcement or self-inplaintiff's exhibited wounds. autopsy results and analysis of the crime scene. fbi bomb tech ningses have been scouring the area for explosives to make sure it's safe for crime scene investigators to move. in shep? >> shepard: any updates on the little boy? how is he doing? >> school officials got a call from the hospital saying that the boy was joking around, that he was putting stickers on everyone, watching sponge bob square pants video. today his mother who asked to remain unidentified issued a written statement saying for the first time in almost a week i woke up this morning to the most beautiful site my
4:16 pm
sweet boy. i can't describe how incredible it is to hold him again, shep? >> shepard: jonathan serrie on scene in lower alabama, thank you. if you have to go to court, don't play games with the judge. a teenager in miami found herself in a world of trouble during a drug possession hearing. it started when the judge asked her about her assets, as he was setting bond. >> well, how much would you say your jewelry is worth? >> [ laughter ] >> it's not a joke. you know we are not in a club now. >> okay. >> we are not in a club. be serious about it. >> i'm serious about it. >> i can see you are serious all right. >> well, after a moment she told the judged a gross and walked away. in a response the judge doubled her bond to 10,000 bucks. so what did she do? she flipped him off and cursed him out. bad idea. >> bring her back again.
4:17 pm
>> what's. >> i believe i heard you saying -- >> -- yes, i did. i'm not going. >> i believe -- did you say [bleep]? >> actually, did i. >> did you say that? >> yes, sir, did i. >> oh, did you say that? i find new direct criminal don't. 30 days in the county jail. >> shepard: 30 days in the county jail. don't curse out the judge. or flip him off. the super bowl power outage took us all by surprise. engineers at the superdome, maybe not so much. seems they had concerns months ago. plus, a loco boy update. remember the squatter who took over that two and a half-million-dollar mansion in boca raton? he is apparently still living the high life. now some of boca's neighbors are taking action. the squatter in boca raton coming up. now imagine the worst case scenario.
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>> shepard: horrible news today on the olympic champion lindsey vaughn she went to the hospital after crashing in tough conditions at the super g.o.p. chaps in austria. they had had days of snow and rain and today had heavy fog and that divorced the delay of the start of the race time and time again today in all about a three and a half hour delay. then finally they gave the go ahead but a lot of people thought it wasn't good. the gold medalist skier apparently lost her balance right there she tried to land. slid down the mountain before she was able to stop herself. witnesses say they could hear her screaming and cursing as she landed. medics treated our lindsey vonn for 12 agonizing minutes as she lay on the ground there. then they air lifted her to a hospital. what happened? the weather? should the officials have kept the course closed? that matter is up for debate tonight. but we do know the conditions were so bad before von's crash
4:22 pm
a course worker fell, reportedly broke her nose and was air lifted out of there as well. the question now will lindsey vonn be ready for the 2014 winter olympics? trace gallagher has the details. a u.s. ski team reports she will be out for the rest of the season. torn ligaments in the knee and i guess more, right? >> yeah, two ligaments, shep, in her right knee including they're anterior cruciate which means she will have to have recon struckive surgery. she also broke her tibia, known as her shin bone she was 42 seconds into the race when she was turning right and jumping at the same time lost her balance and tumbled it's when she tumbled her right leg buckled. you see her sliding. doctors say her broken leg will heal quickly recovery time for knee surgeries can vary quickly. >> she has the age. she is athletic. she is predetermined. she knows exactly how hard it is because this is not the first time she has had an injury before.
4:23 pm
so, you know, she has all the positive elements here. it's the matter of, you know, who does the surgery, how severe the surgery is going to be and repairing it. is it going to heal well? >> keep in mind, the olympics start almost a year from now, shep. adrian peterson running back for the viking, peek boo streak both had similar injuries and a year back they came back dominating their sport. shep? >> shepard: it sounds like everything we are getting lindsey vonn was concerned about the weather before she went down the hill. >> mostly because she didn't get a chance to practice. weather in the two days prior to the race was so bad that the skiers were not allowed on the hill. they didn't get a chance to practice, no time on the hill whatsoever. her blog to the denver post von writes and i'm quoting here: it always feels a little awkward when you don't get a chance to free skill the hill before you race. all you have to go on course inspection the morning of the race. other top skiers also failed to finish the course. the u.s. ski team coach said
4:24 pm
that, yes, conditions were rough but everybody had the same conditions. lindsey vonn has been compared to tiger woods as a skiing female. the question is are they together and neither one will answer that question but she is in the hospital tonight, shep. surgery probably tomorrow or the next day. >> shepard: all right, trace, thank you. investigation into the super bowl blackout now shows the power company and the superdome engineers worried about a possible game time outage as far as back as october. and officials authorized nearly a million bucks in stadium upgrades in december. that's according to documents that the associated press obtained. half the lights went out in the superdome, of course, a little more than a minute into the second half. power didn't come back for 34 minutes. still not clear exactly what happened. officials claim it was an unnamed abnormality. folks on twitter have blamed everything from beyonce's halftime show to chinese hackers. even the new orleans style voodoo hex.
4:25 pm
folks in baltimore basking in the glory. the ravens made their ways through the streets of charmed city along with thousands of cheering fans though you can't hear them here. retiring linebacker ray lewis bringing up the rear as he caps off his 17-year nfl career. michaelor, congratulations. some of those fans thankful to ravens wideout jacoby jones when he returned that second half kickoff for a touchdown. he not only set a post season record. he also scored a bunch of folks $600,000 worth of free furniture. this baltimore furniture chain ran a promotion promises free stuff to customers if the ravens scored on a kickoff return to start the game or to start the second half. the store made good, i'm sure they had insurance. the owner bought that insurance to cover the cost just in case. he says he could not be happier for his customers. and i'm guessing all the free publicity. now to one of our favorite stories around here.
4:26 pm
the florida mansion squatter is apparently still sitting pretty. but the guy's neighbors now say they have had to hire guards for their own peace of mind. the 25-year-old brazilian man has been shacking up in that 2.5-million-dollar boca raton home since around christmas time. he calls himself loci boy. after the north trickster god. he has been using obscure legal loophole to stay right there. it's called adverse possession and cops can't do a thing. a woman who lives next door says she is afraid the guy could break into other homes. the security guard began patrolling last night. loci boy still brilliantly unavailable for comment. you be treated well here, sir. a dramatic 911 call after the murder of a former u.s. military sniper. the accused killer's sister tells the operator she is afraid for her own life. >> he is all crazy. is he psychotic. >> he is psychotic, she said. we will hear more of that call and the get the latest on the
4:27 pm
murder of the american hero. plan for amusement park in the city where the u.s. navy seals took out usama bin laden. that's coming up as we approach the bottom of the hour and the top of the news as fox reports lye tonight. i 7 different companies. well, technically i work for one. that company, the united states postal service®, works for thousands of home businesses. because at®, you can pay, print and have your packages picked up for free. i can even drop off free boxes. i wear a lot of hats. well, technically i wear one. the u.s. postal service®, no business too small. with multiple lacerations to the wing and a fractured beak. surgery was successful, but he will be in a cast until it is fully healed, possibly sever months. so, if the duck isn't able to work, how will he pay for his living expenses? aflac.
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>> shepard: seems times trying to safe the whales is not such a good idea. case in point if this is how they are thanking us. oh my -- wow!
4:31 pm
>> shepard: yeah, those folks were paddling an outrigger canoe off hawaii when that humpback whale surfaced right under them. it seems they are fine. and even more evidence that whales have it in for us a woman from arizona captured this close call off western coast. humpback there nearly taking out a boat. >> the whale decided to come out of the water a little bit and they just collided completely. i mean just smack it was a very loud crash. >> seems they just scare in this case everybody is fine. i'm shepard, this is "the fox report." it's the bottom of the hour, time for the top of the news. this is not a race. that is what house speaker john boehner is saying about president obama's push for immigration reform. the president says he would like to get it done by june or at least by the end of the year. congress held its first hearing on immigration today. speaker boehner says lawmakers should take their time and get it right.
4:32 pm
mike emanuel is live for us on capitol hill. mike, what did the speaker have to say in detail? >> well, shep, we learned today about a bipartisan group in the house that's been meeting secretly to avoid outside pressure. then there is the senate group of 8 featuring folks like marco union row of florida, chuck schumer of new york. today speaker boehner praised all of them. >> i want to applaud senator rubio for his efforts. the bipartisan efforts here in the house. and what i want to do is to encourage both sides of the capitol and both parties to continue talking to one another so that we can resolve this issue in a bipartisan manner. >> i'm told that formerly secret house group is expected to unveil a pretty detailed plan sometime in the next week, shep? >> shepard: what did we hear from democrats on this today, mike? >> well, san antonio mayor crass astro is here. you may remember him from the democratic convention. he and his twin brother who is now a new member of congress.
4:33 pm
mayor castro essentially called for a comprehensive plan and tried to personalize recent immigrants. >> this generation of immigrants, i'm convinced, is just as hard-working, just as patriotic, just as faith oriented as immigrants of generations before that helped build up the great country that we live in today. >> mayor castro told lawmakers america is watching, let's get this done. shep? >> shepard: mike, the president is also calling on congress to prevent another fiscal cliff hanger. remember that whole saga? wasn't it fun? the deal that pulled us back from the brink only delayed automatic spending cuts until the first of march, which is right around the corner. the president is calling for a combination of smaller cuts and what he is calling tax reform like closing loopholes. house speaker john boehner says americans will not support what he calls more tax hikes. they have about three weeks to cut a deal. we will breathlessly keep you posted. we now have the chilling 911 audio from the moments after a
4:34 pm
former marine admitted to his sister that he had just murdered a heroic navy seal sniper. in that call the sister said she, too, was terrified for her own life. police say the suspect on saturday killed the former navy seal chris kyle and a friend on a texas shooting range. kyle was a highly decorated sniper who reportedly had 160 confirmed kills. making him the most lethal in the united states military history. he was also the author of a best selling book american sniper, which detailed his four tours in iraq. four tours. documents show that back in september police took the suspect to a mental hospital after he reportedly threatened to kill his family. a family he now refuses to see along with his own attorney as he sits behind bars charged with capital murder. jonathan hunt is with us tonight. what's on this 911 recording? >> well, first of all, after allegedly murdering chris kyle and his friend chad littlefield, the alleged
4:35 pm
shooter apparently went to his sister's house, laura blevins is her name, there he told her he had, quote: sold his soul for a new truck, a reference to the truck that he had stolen apparently from chris kyle. he then left. she immediately called 911. listen. >> 911, what's your emergency? >> yes, ma'am, my brother just came by here. i was [bleep] >> laura blevins also described her brother as bleeping psychotic said she was too terrified to stay on the phone and then handed the phone over to her husband, shep? >> shepard: chris kyle had a co-author. what's the co-author say? >> i spoke to him today. it was fascinating talking to him. he he was asked to help chris
4:36 pm
kyle write this book. they became very close friends. and he just described the murder of chris kyle as, quote: an immense loss, listen. >> i'm sure that that there are thousands and thousands of guys who just because they spent a weekend with chris or even maybe just, you know, had a few beers with him probably, you know, have probably seen their lives improve. multiply that by the years going forward and it's just a huge loss. >> jim told me he is personally still in denial. can he not believe that someone who gave his country so much and gave so much to every individual who ever asked for his help is now gone, shep. >> shepard: horrible loss. thank you. the city where chris chris kyle's fellow navy seals killed usama bin laden is build go ahead an abusement -- amusement park. they are trying to get more
4:37 pm
tourists to visit their city in pakistan. they say it will have a zoo, mini golf, rock climbing, and pair gliding club. the project has nothing to do with bin laden and will not be on the site of his former compound. a potentially major escalation in america's involvement in the bloody civil war in syria. u.s. troops are now in turkey on the syrian border manning a battery of patriot missiles to help guard against potential syrian attacks. essentially on the front line of a growing catastrophe. as you may recall, the syrian military last year fired shells into turkey and killed several people in a bor in turk. the turkish government urged nato to help. now patriot missiles from the united states, germany, and the netherlands are pointed directly at syria. nato reports the missiles will help protect 3.5 million turks from the increasingly chaotic situation in syria. a conflict that has reportedly killed well more than 60,000 people.
4:38 pm
greg palkot is live along the turkish border with syria. greg? >> hey, shep. that's right. the u.s. on tuesday made its most high profile move yet into the syrian conflict. we watched as those u.s. run patriot missiles went operational turkish military base not far from where we are right now. some 400 soldiers are now 30 miles away from some of the tough itest fighting inside syria. military officials were careful to say that this is purely defensive but symbolically at least it certainly is a show of force. take a look what we saw. >> this is a launcher of a patriot patriot missile. its aim is to shoot down any syrian missiles coming over the border, over the horizon, syria has those missiles it is using them. the fear is that those missiles could be tipped with chemical weapons. it has those, too. the folks here say they can handle that as well. syria says the move could
4:39 pm
heighten tensions iran and russia calling provocative. the group responsible for that attack last friday cited the deployment. others however say the u.s. is not doing enough and with 60,000 or more killed inside syria during this conflict, the u.s. is still on the sidelines. still, as we saw last week, israel attacking targets inside syria. more and more this conflict is becoming regional. now we have got a couple hundred servicemen and women from the united states in the mix as well. shep? >> greg palkot along the border for us. egyptian government is reportedly dealing with rising food prices, rampant unemployment and violent political crisis by advising its people to eat less. according to egyptian media. government officials have acknowledged across the board price hikes on food in the wake of what is the unrest that has rocked the economy. and those officials are now telling the egyptian people hey, don't overeat. meanwhile the iranian
4:40 pm
president mahmoud ahmadinejad visited egypt today for the first time in we believe more than three decades. is he there for religious summit. he and the egyptian president mohammed morsi reportedly discussed improving regions. north korean officials are some of the world's best when it comes to looking at things. but we cannot say the same for a brand new video production. the low budget propaganda video that depicts the fall of the united states to the tune of "we are the world" with the aid of the video game call of duty. it's a gift from north korea and it's coming up. but first the music world is remembering a man who snarled a primitive ode to teenage love. the song was wild thing. the singer, reg presley. wild thing was a cover. but it became the signature hit for his garage rock band, the trogs. part of the british invasion in the 60's. icons from the jimmy hendrix to bruce springsteen performed their own version of the cover
4:41 pm
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>> shepard: the north koreas took time off from the not feeding their people to drop a bizarre propaganda video that apparently depicts the destruction of new york city thanks kim the younger. and they set it to sound track of instrumental and michael jackson's we are the world ♪ the animation of destruction
4:45 pm
comes from the video game call of duty modern warfare which like michael jackson was also american made. north korean officials recently vowed to carry out more nuclear test in the wake of united nations security council punishment. the trial of a man accused of killing unarmed teenager will go ahead in june. that scheduled so rules a judge in central florida who today denied a motion by george zimmerman's attorneys to postpone the trial into november. zimmerman's lead attorney claims prosecutors have been slow in turning over evidence. of course, george zimmerman is charged with shooting to death 17-year-old trayvon martin after some sort of altercation last year. he has pleaded not guilty, claiming he fired only in self-defense. phil keating in central florida tonight. even before june, we're going to see something in a bit of a mini trial, right, phil? that the immunity.
4:46 pm
expect that in april where only the judge will see and hear evidence and testimony and decide whether the self-defense law in florida clears him of even needing a jury trial. meanwhile zimmerman was in court today listening silently as defense victory. -- facebook and twitter accounts should be a critical witness in the mini trial and the full trial if that actually happens show claims zimmerman was the aggressor on the night this went down. >> shepard: it's my understanding that travon martin's parents didn't even make an appearance today. >> their attorney said they are absolutely too overwhelmed what would have been the 18th birthday of their son. nothing to celebrate. others did mark the moment. happy ♪ happy birthday to travon ♪ happy birthday to trayvon. >> what is normally always a joyous celebration for sabrina to go out and get cake and ice
4:47 pm
cream for her boys even though they were growing up, she still every birthday would get cake and ice cream for them. >> in saturday on monday i am travon peace walk is happening. we have heard that jamie foxx will be leading it as for zimmerman his defense fund is about out of money. they have burned through more than $300,000 in the last 10 months. if more donations don't come, in they may have to ask for state assistance, shep. >> shepard: phil keating in our station in orlando. a roof collapses killing three people and hurting several others. our top story as we go around the world in 80 seconds. india. part of the bring building came crashing to the ground after two days of torrential rain in the north regulation could youers pulled four people from the rubble alive. one survivor says the debris killed his grandmother brother and cousin. officials have ordered an
4:48 pm
investigation. antarctica. a new british research station now officially opened on a floating ice shelf 40-million-dollar facility replaces a 20-year-old study center. it's opening 100 years after english explorer robert scott's ill fated expedition to the south pole. scott and four comrades died after learning he was beaten to the pole. japan. massive ice sculptures on display in the northern city of sakora. all part of an annual week long snow festival. this year's event features 50-foot tall, 80-foot wide display that members of the japanese military created canada, the countrymarking its first full day since the government stopped minting pennies; officials say it cost more to produce the coins than they are actually worth stores will stem accept them but not give them back in change. merchants can round prices up
4:49 pm
or down for cash transactions and that's a wrap on this fox trip around the world in 80 seconds. >> >> don't you hate hitting sitting in traffic in wait until you find out how much it's costing you to sit in traffic. details are next. plus, winter weather moving across the nation's mid section. meteorologist janice dean live in the extreme weather center. janice? >> yes, shep. we have a clipper system that's bringing some light snow across the ohio river valley and the northeast. this could be a prelude to a bigger event as we head into friday. so, seeing that light snow developing around the new york city area up towards long island and boston, boston, you could be in line for a blockbuster event friday into saturday as we watch this developing system across the southeast, potentially bringing not one but two feet of snow. they haven't seen that kind of snow storm in a couple of years. so he would will watch this very carefully as we head into friday and early saturday.
4:50 pm
stay tuned. and more of "the fox report" when we come back. ♪ using cloud computing and mobile technology, verizon innovators have developed a projective display for firefighters. allowing them to see through anything. because the world's biggest challenges deserve even bigger solutions. powerful answers. verizon. [ male announcer ] when it comes to the financial obstacles military families face, we understand. our financial advice is geared specifically to current and former military members and their families. [ laughs ] dad! dad! [ applause ] [ male announcer ] life brings obstacles. usaa brings retirement advice. call or visit us online. we're ready to help. learn more with our free usaa retirement guide.
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>> shepard: traffic is annoying, isn't it also a waste of time and money. now we are getting an idea of how much time and money. there is a new study out that reports americans have been spending an average of an extra 5.5 billion hours on the road per year due to congestion. that's according to the researchers at texas a&m's transportation institute. it found that just sitting in traffic costs each of us on average bhr than $800 a year. the nation's capital topped the list for the worst commute in the america others include los angeles, san francisco, new york, boston, making matters worse, gas prices have been surging.
4:54 pm
gallon of regular unleaded is up to 3.53. up 17 cents from just a week ago. let's bring in gerri willis she anchors the willis report. congestion not a city report either. >> you don't have to come to the heart of new york city to find backup that's for sure. this congestion is the worse it's been in 30 years. finding it everywhere as you said americans are burning an entire gallon worth of gas for the delays out there. you think the congestions that got to be the worse on the weekends, wrong. it's friday. even in the middle of the night midday you can find backups. happens all the time. big backups happen at weird times like that. >> what's with gas prices? >> up 18 days in a row. fastest rise in two years. this is concerting, here is what is going on, reblending and formulate gas for the summer. that means they stop producing some gas. what does that mean? it means gas prices go up yet
4:55 pm
again. >> shepard: i guess you got the color memo. >> i did. what are we doing tomorrow? >> shepard: the producers make all decisions. thanks, gerri. >> good night. >> the feds are suing the credit ratings group standard and pours for more than $5 billion in the lawsuit the company helped tank our economy back in 2007. the essence of it is the government accuses the s&p of fraud saying that the s&p gave high ratings to risky mortgage bonds. meantime the attorney general of california has filed a separate suit against the agency claiming the inflalted investment ratings cost pension nundz and other investments billions of dollars. del computers leaving the stocketd, part of a very risky move aimed at catching up to competition computer company has struggled to stay relevant relevant. it'sr deal to buy back shares from shareholders that will let del make big changes without worrying about what investors think. del's founder and ceo michael
4:56 pm
dell is investing some of his own money. the folks who make elevator music are tired of all your jokes. next. smiew zach. gone for good. [ whispering ] i've always preferred the crème part of an oreo.
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[ whispering ] crème. [ whispering ] cookie. crème! [ fire alarm ringing ] [ whispering ] fire! crème. cookie. crème. cookie. [ whispering ] i'm calling the cops. [ police siren wails, car horn blares ] crème. cookie. [ whispering ] you guys have to stop fighting. we're the cops. [ male announcer ] choose your side on instagram @oreo. elevator music has reached last stop at least under the current name. the company mind musiak will just go by mood. the muzak brand began in the 130s filling the lobbies with tunes that were soothing if not horribly boring. the term muzak punch line after the blues brothers dissed it in their movie. before we go team's tom of top five things of the day. whoever stole a giant cookie and ran some note framing the

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